We’re now open for dine-ins!

Warung Wak Joko are now open for dine-ins. But due to the new norms during this Covid-19 pandemic, every restaurant need to follow the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) that have been set by the authorities.

Below are the following SOP’s that are mentioned:

  • Customers who enter the restaurant need to write down their name, contact numbers, date and the time they arrived at the restaurant for our record. This records are important to trace people who might get affected if there is a positive Covid-19 case involving one of our customers.

  • Customers are forbidden to sit on a place that have notice or an “X” symbols on the table. Customers have to sit on the non-“X” area and it means that only one or two customers were allowed per table.

  • Customer should lined up within one meter from each other in front of the cashier to ensure customers practice social distancing while making payment.

  • But most importantly every customers are obligated to wear face masks when come to dine-ins. They also need to sanitize their hand after they write down their information details.

You can dine-in and buy food without worry if you adhere all of these following SOP’s. Warung Wak Joko also are doing their best with providing enough sanitizers, soap, hand wash facilities and cleaning sprays for the need of our customers. We also make sure that all of our employees are working in their healthy state and wearing face masks for the precaution.