Warung Wak Joko All About

Cuisine that originating from Indonesia are not foreign anymore to the Sabahan people out there. It is extremely popular to the natives and are http://de.medadvice.net known as food that not fail to give fully flavour that will impressed to those who eat it. Warung Wak Joko find a job near me aims to become the favourite restaurant of Sabahan people to работа в москве go to. So, you can’t go wrong with Warung Wak Joko, they put a lot of effort to serve variety of the authentic Indonesian cuisine to fulfill their customers appetite.

Warung Wak Joko are fully owned by Dwin Kurniawan bin Jafar and his wife Pathma Priya Balan. Both of them are working in oil and gas engineering sector beforehand and also work as doctor before the restaurant http://fr.medadvice.net were built. Right after Mr Dwin Kurniawan and his partner Pathma Priya Balan got married, they have decided to open a restaurant. And that is when all of this started. They assembled all ideas together and came up with restaurant that served Indonesian cuisine. They choose this ideas because the owner’s parents are both Indonesian. So, they are already been exposed to the Indonesian food all this time along since they were kids.

Mr Dwin Kurniawan with one of his customer.

Warung Wak Joko started their operation on December 2018. They originally started with 1 cashier, 2 waiters, 1 kitchen assistant and 1 cooking chef works as team that help the restaurant to be operated. Warung Wak Joko still maintaining the same system with less member in the team and just add a few members per year. It is because the owner itself and his family members were also give their hand to help the restaurant running smoothly in a day.

Warung Wak Joko signature dish are their “Bakso” and the “Ayam Geprek”. They served variety of “Bakso” like Bakso Beranak, Bakso Bujang, Bakso Campur, Bakso Cheese Meleleh and many more. Each of it were different and this is what are their customer most frequently order. работа мск As for the “Ayam Geprek”, it is actually a fried marinated gelatinou https://jobitel.com s chicken that combined with the “Sambal Geprek” that are specially made by hand using the traditional method with crushing a bunch of chilies using the pestle and mortar. You can’t leave those dish out when you tried out their menus okay!

Bakso’s Line of Warung Wak Joko
Collage pic of random menus in Warung Wak Joko that also becomes the favourite options to order by the customer.

Apart from that, Warung Wak Joko also offers catering service with a very affordable price range that will accustomed with your budget. The services include the foods, transportation, and the well trained staff to serve your needs. They are plenty menus to choose from, but customers are welcome to alter the menu that suit their needs.

Last but not least, Warung Wak Joko also offer the frozen meatballs, core of the Bakso’s dish, and the “Sambal Geprek” that were packed in a container. This is due to lot of request by the customers itself and here we are offering the frozen meatballs and packed “Sambal Geprek” to those who interested to purchase. It can be purchase direct in the restaurant or having it by Cash On Delivery (COD).

Small Meatball – RM20/kg
Spicy Meatball/Cheezy Meatball- RM 36/kg
Sambal Geprek Close Up